Cameron Green

Software Engineer

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About Me

Currently working as a subcontractor for Zeal IT Consultants working in .Net Core MVC and Android. Current technologies in side projects include Javascript, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, React Native and VueJS.


Zeal IT Consultants

Software Engineer

Working on an agile team in .Net Core MVC, DynamoDB, and Android. Please contact me for more information.

Americans for Responsible Insurance

Technical Director, Chief Developer

In two months I built a full stack using Ionic 2. This app was used to gather information for ARI. When users were back at the base, they would connect their tablets and upload the data to a server which stored all the data. The server ran a script which would go through and parse the data for different uses around the company.

Chad Jones Law Firm

Systems Administrator

At Chad Jones Law I started from a ground-level intern to help around the office with basic IT troubleshooting to being in charge of every electronic device in each off the offices. Before I left, I was in charge of all user accounts and security of the systems.


Code Chat

During my Fall semester in 2017, I worked with a 9-man team to design and build any project we desired. Some of my team mates had been working together previously and had tried sharing code between each other, However they found no optimal way.

We decided to build a chatting application that could run and compile code immediately. I was the lead programmer for all JavaScript modules within front-end and back-end. Our whole system utilizes websockets between the webapp, the chat server, and the compiling server, making it as network performant as possible.

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Kaijuwu Site

My Overwatch Coach Approached me about working together to design and build a team site for his Overwatch Teams. This was my first time working with a UX/UI designer where I had to focus more on styling than I have in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will plan on doing similar projects if possible.

Still finishing production

Using Technologies: GatsbyJS, GraphQL, ReactJS, SCSS

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Interval timer

This is an interval timer place here.

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Overwatch GraphQl API

Built a graphql api to list the overwatch heroes and maps that are currently released in the game

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Americans for Responsible Insurance

ARI was created from 0 to a solid beta in just 24 days. The app needed to be in a preview phase for investors as soon as possible. Using Ionic 2 and AngularJS, I prototyped the app, back end server including an automated email system, and database storage within those 24 days. Unfortunately the startup fell through from financial burdens.

I have IP rights to all the code in ARI, if requested I can share it.

My Pantry

To work on my SQL skills and to show off my JavaScript abilities, I decided to build the classic todo app, but of course with a small twist.

The front end of the app is in pure JavaScript with the exception of using axios for http requests. The back end is written in node and uses PostgreSQL for the SQL database. There is a basic register/login system encrypted with crypto-js.

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Overwatch Wallpapers

In 2016 to cement my knowledge of Angular, and fuel my excitement for the coming release of Overwatch, I decided to build the Overwatch Wallpapers website over a weekend. The website allows you to search by heroes, maps, and artists and also hit one button to download a zip of all images on the site. You could also click the image of a hero and it would show all saved wallpaper images of that hero.

In the near future I plan on rebuilding this site with VueJS or ReactJS and give it a back end with the ability to upload and remove images from the site.

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Instagram Scraper

A professor asked me to get him a picture of every image in a school's Instagram page for his research. Using NightmareJS I was able to easily screenshot each image from a config file and then place each image into a folder from each page.

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Sam Houston State University

August 2016 - August 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Acquired skills for teamwork and created small projects for classes.

Blinn College

Graduated 2015

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science

Developed my passion for Computer Science, I learned the basics of programming and algorithm usage.

Volunteer and Community Service

Eagle Scout with Troop 51

For my Eagle Project I coordinated over 1600 service hours.

Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow Member

Scouting's National Honor Society


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